“cheap yarn”

My new favorite pattern for a baby blanket was a success the first time around.  The pattern itself in the “Stitch n’ Bitch” (yes, that is the name of the book, and it’s awesome) calls for using a merino blend yarn for the pattern, to stay away from “cheap yarn like acrylic”.

My first instinct when I read that was “pfftt, like it matters”

now that I have started making a second blanket in teh same pattern using a big ol’ honkin skien of this pale blue that I have – it is in fact…”cheap acrylic yarn” and I can totally tell the difference. 

Hopefully it will end up feeling better to the touch once more than only 10 rows of seed stitch.  But either way, it feels good to get that big skien out of the yarn cabinet. 

My new goal – get thru the “cheap yarn” that I have in the cabinet now and start investing in better and more durable yarn.  Plus, my projects will be worth more!

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