fight with the sun – tko

your truly (in her true fashion) goes to the wonderful highland games (it’s a scottish thing, and it’s awesome – although this year was a bit eh…) with her parents, the brother, the boyfriend and even a great friend at work – but she forgot the most important part…her sunscreen…

my face was covered in SPF, thank you daily mosturizer, but I totally forgot to put it on my arms and my chest…i think i was poisoned by the sun.  all of a sudden, I was super tired and felt very ‘ditzy’ and out of it – HAD to go home to lay down. 

it’s the third day since it happened and I am STILL very tender and sore.  I have been bathing in aloe (which is unsual for me, thank you boyfriend for being insistant on it)

BUT – I’ve been a knitting freak (since it doesn’t hurt to do that and I barely have to move) so I’m about 80% of the way thru this blanket idea, which I’m not sure I like (what else is new)

See work in progress photos below…

Part One – all my little ‘boxes’

Part 2 – starting to crochet them together – 2 boxes for each row

Part 3 – Starting to put them all together (what a neck breaker!)

Finished product photos once all done and finished.

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