my trusty knitting bag…

always sitting neatly next to my couch, where I normally sit while I watch (listen is more like it) whatever crappy show I’ve left on the television or whatever game I am watching.

It’s the second thing I see when I get home, first usually is the orange terror otherwise known as Sammy.  The last thing I seen before I leave in the wee hours of the morning on my trek to work (unless Sammy follows me to the door, but that is unusual, like me – she likes to sleep)

The bag travels to the South Bay on a weekend basis, has come with me on a number of occasions to my parent’s in Anaheim, always has at least three working projects (gotta love the KPADD – aka, Knitting Project Attention Deficit Disorder) and safely stores my beautiful knitting needle bag.

It calms me (usually), it makes me excited (not in that way – for once), it supports me…I think I’m in love with my bag!

Seriously one of the best $19.99 I have ever spent at Joann’s – and it was a moment of weakness find.

Geesh, what the hell was in my coffee this morning!

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