radio silence…the countdown officially begins

I’ve been away from a computer and interrupted internet access for the last few weeks.  My last day at work was on Friday – and truly a surreal experience.  I don’t think it will sink in until later in the week – but I have seriously taken a step to turn everything upside down.  Currently, I’m sitting in a room filled with boxes while the boyfriend moves, shifts, adjusts, changes, counts, and just plain OCD organizes the crap out of what he can. 

For the next 19 days I will be plugging around, trying to pull in as much California as I can.  For the longest time I haven’t have much thought of missing California.  I knew I would miss my family and my friends – but as for California…I had no affection for it.  I had a sense of familiar surroundings, but no real nostalgic feelings.  The last two days has created a monster, has created – a sappy emotional nutcase.

My parents hosted a party at their home Saturday (August 7th) and it was fun, but totally overwhelming.   Family and friends were there – and I enjoyed having them all under the same roof, but was totally unprepared to be able to spend the time needed to talk to each one with any depth.   I ended up feeling more superficial at the end than anything else, and I really hate feeling that way.  The most I can do now is to send my thank you notes to those that did attend to be sure they at least get the acknowledgment that I appreciated them being there.

My blogging between now and when I finally land in Maryland will probably be sparce – there is internet at my parents, but my laptop doesn’t work (no wireless). 

I’m making a promise to myself now – – – – –

Self…you want to capture every part of this move as often as possible.  Make it a point to do this, for yourself.

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