East Coast Yarn Bag

Before leaving California I shipped two large boxes to myself – one of which contained my incredible important, and after much thought a very expensive, knitting bag.  I anxiously awaited August 31st to arrive, as that was my scheduled date of box arrival.  Thankfully…August 31st came and to my excitement one of the two boxes was waiting for me at my front door.  In an awesome moment of “yes!” I opened the tattered and truly fucked up (sorry mom) box to find my perfect and much-loved Knitting Bag in excellent condition.

Like a kid on Christmas, I took the bag out of the beaten up box immediately and hugged it for at least 5 minutes.  I sat and hugged this bag full of knitting needles, stitch markers, two WIP’s (works in progress), one completed baby blanket (the first item that will be available for sale on my Etsy site!) as well as a LOAD of paint color samples from the Home Depot in Redondo Beach 🙂

After that strange display of love and affection for my bag it hasn’t been touched since.  I haven’t been able to give more than a few moments of my time to anything really.  This house is HUGE in comparison to my one bedroom apartment or my one bedroom living at my parents.  All the boxes have been unpacked – literally ALL of them – and all the suitcases with clothes have been emptied and put away.  But nothing is truly in its space yet, no room is complete and to my/our liking.

Speaking of the my/our – with less than one week under our belt as “us” it feels much longer than a week.  I find myself being very aware of the way I leave things, the way I put things away – – it’s like being married…but not.  Yesterday we opened a joint account that will be used to pay the combined bills…the mortgage, cable, electric, water, gas, internet.  The only kicker…I need to start bringing in money ASAP.  It’s driving me crazy not having a job and not knowing that I am bringing in any kind of income.  Erg….

Thankfully – tomorrow (Friday) i go to get all the paperwork completed for my new job here.  It’s part-time and a HUGE pay cut…for now…but it’s a job and I will be able to display my insane anal organizational skills and I will get to know the window washing business more — which I am super excited about.  Our windows were washed by the company I am going to work for and I can honestly say having clean and sparkling windows is HUGE.  Seriously HUGE. 

Well off to Dunken Donuts for me – I have never been before and apparently it’s a staple out here. 

Thanks readers for sticking with me during the radio silence.  I’m waiting to get my laptop’s from my mom – she is shipping them for me – and once I have those I will be able to truly blog about this whole experience.  Maybe I should start a second one?  Eh…why make it harder than it needs to be right?

Peace out – until later…

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