perfect sunday football weather…

I woke up this morning to the distinct smell of onions, garlic and chicken. 
-Before going to bed last night, after going to see the newest Wall Street film, the boyfriend put together a 6 quart crockpot of goodness and set it to 10 hour low to cook a whole chicken. 

After a little…morning adult fun…I showered and noticed it had been raining during the evening and was slightly raining at that moment.  What a perfect way to start Sunday. 

Breakfast time called for French Toast and fresh strawberries with a nice glass of Welch’s Grape Juice. 

Now I’m enjoying the grey and cooler weather — shout out to those in Southern California, it’s going to be a hot one the next few days…ouch. — and knitting while getting my Sunday Football discussions from some of my favorite.

In sadder news…the boyfriend’s grandmother’s funeral service is Tuesday afternoon in Parsons, West Virigina.  Tomorrow afternoon we are heading up around noon – it takes about three hours to get there from what I hear – and we are going to the ‘viewing’ and then spending the evening there in the rental house that the boyfriend’s parents have rented.  It’s like Bass Lake, but very different.  Ha!

Back to my knitting – good luck trying to figure out where my head is at the moment.  It’s calm and relaxed, but is still EVERYWHERE.  I can barely track it…knitting will help calm that I hope.

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