Super rain

So this California girl loves her rain – I mean, we rarely ever see it all that much in the areas of Southern California that I grew up in. 

Today we had our first BIG rain – it has been on the news non-stop for the past two days that this storm, aka Tropical Storm Nicole, was coming our way.  Last night we didn’t turn the TV on in the bedroom, instead we both fell asleep to the sounds of rain.  The awesome, calming sounds of rain.   This morning, I woke up to the same sounds of rain – only add a much heavier flow.  It was awesome. 

A quick view of the traffic, and the few severe traffic/weather alerts and I made the reach out to my boss to see if working from home was something that was possible today.  And thankfully, he approved. 

The rain has since stopped, only over the past hour and a half or so – give or take a few sporatic light showers here and there.  it’s still pretty windy and there is more rain coming, I believe.  But in an effort to get myself out of the funk that i feel coming (and it’s there and SUPER annoying) I turned on Big Lebowski and put together my office chair after my lower back told me in no uncertain terms – NO WE WILL NOT BE SITTING ON THE FOOTREST ANYLONGER.

Well, back to the grind I go – and I gotta admit, I’m not feeling very well emotionally.  Those commercials that have the woman talking about winding up every morning to get herself going…I can relate.  I only just thought that most everyone has those feelings.  With the pace of the way things have been going…

I’m spazzy again – it’s hard to get all my thoughts in one place so I’m going to switch it up and work on the customer flow card diagram so that tomorrow I’ve got some excellent stuff going.

Hurray for big rains – I want to see more…

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