almost entering…

the twilight zone.  making reference to Facebook.  Within the last few weeks there have been friends, well — more like people – from my Kindergarten years that have popped up, just spontane0usly with the “recommended friends”.  some I have fond memories of and some not so fond.  I made it a rule when i put up a facebook page that I wasn’t going to “friend” people that I didn’t consider a friend.  I’ve stuck by that — for the most part.  They are a small handful of ‘friends’ that I wouldn’t really consider friends…I think after this I will go and unfriend them…maybe…

Speaking of unfriending — it’s a strange feeling when you are clicking that button to remove your friend from the list.  Is it normal to wonder if they even notice?  Wouldn’t it be great to have an option to send a “you’ve been removed” note…and since when is the newest facebook edicate to just friend someone so you can sneek thru their photos to get a glimpse of what’s been going on for them.

I’m starting to get freaked out a little by Facebook…i don’t think this is the first time i’ve felt this way.

In other news, my first Halloween on the East Coast was quiet, and uneventful.  We had three bags of candy for the trick or treaters (technically six, we both weren’t sure what to expect as far as number of kids to expect) which was all taken at the end of the night.

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