feeling blue…

more as in so cold i feel blue.  thank heavens the heater guy is supposed to come back tonight to fix the heater — fingers crossed. 

in better news – we leave tomorrow afternoon for the Dave Matthews Band show in Charlottesville.  Super excited.  sort of.

i think i’m coming to the end of my concert chasing ways — especially with the intensity that I had once displayed.  it’s not that i love the music any less — it’s more that i really can’t hang like i used to in that setting.  i certainly can’t hold my booze like i used it, it was a full time job keeping it at the level i was going years ago — which is a whole other blog post in itself.

im very much looking forward to the miniroad trip with the boyfriend to the ‘hometown’ of my favorite band.  plus, there is a good chance that we are going to make a pit stop at Bleinhiem vineyards….fingers crossed that i’m okay with what a madhouse it could possibly be.  i’ve never been to a winery before — yet another adventure.

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