writing a book

seems like there are a ton of people writing books out there.  it can’t be that hard right? 

lately ive wanted to write a book, i have no idea where or why the idea has popped into my head but i do remember the moment it did pop into my head.  driving home from the dave matthews band show in virigina a little over a week ago — somewhere in rural virginia i thought to myself ‘self, i sort of what to write a book”

what the hell would i have to write about that anyone wants to read?  do i even have stories to tell verbally that people want to listen to?

i guess part of me really just needs to say ‘alright, this is what you want to do…so let’s try it.’ and get myself an old school notebook and just start writing…no electronic typing (way too easy to hit the delete button) — old fashioned pen (or pencil, I haven’t yet decided) to paper just mental word vomiting.  but then again — it can’t be that easy otherwise everyone would be doing it right?

what the hell am i afraid of?  commitment?  failure?  ridicule? 

don’t i deal with those every moment of every day?  isn’t that a portion of the ingredients to life?  could i just be lazy? 

all of those and probably more than i am aware of is working in conjunction i guess.  stay tuned…you never know what the hell i’m going to pull out of my hat next…

happy belated Thanksgiving…onward to the Christmas holiday…

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