I’ve gone missing…

Everytime I remember that I haven’t blogged in a long time — it’s usually right as i’m falling asleep.

So in short…what has been happening…

Thanksgiving (very good day, other than struggling with a horrid cold the week leading up to it — which reminds me…earth clinic is my new favorite website, and Apple Cidar Vinegar is my new favorite medication)

Maryland Terp game day after Thanksgiving, fun —

First weekend in December: Had our open house party for all richard’s friends and family (all my friends and family are on teh west coast so no one from my ‘side’ was here) was great.  Sadly, I didn’t take ANY photos so there is no proof that it actually took place except for the words of those friends that were there.  And there was a lot of people, which was super awesome. 

New York second weekend in December, awesome.  Stayed in a studio apartment in the Hell’s Kitchen area that I found on Craigslist — and people…it is the way to stay in NYC.  For only $125 a night we had our very own studio apartment to ourselves, and it really helped make the trip feel less expensive as we were able to bring our of source of snacks and such.  I have the digits for the guy that maintains the apartment, he’s pretty awesome I have to say…shout out to Chris on that one.

Been baking up a storm — decided that as a gift to all the friends (new to me) in the area I was going to make each of them a Candy Cane Cake (which was a huge hit at the Open House party…I can bake pretty damn well if I do say so myself!) with personalized decorations and everything.  Two have been given to the friend already — eight more to go.  I’ve baked 5 of them…just 7 more hours of baking til I’m done!!

Got some house guests last night and tonight — twin boys, Otis & Sam, are adorable and very much toddler boys.  so cute. 

I’ve got to be better about taking pictures…dang…plus I will try to be better about spending time writing(typing) this blog. 

teaser —- i’m strongly considering trying to put together a book…

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