setting up my own office…

i decided this week that i was going to finally get my yarn room/office up and running.  Iwith my determination in place, I trudged all the computer stuff from down in the basement (by the 61 inch television) into my 10×10 office/yarn room.  Now I have a window to view the outside, plus a tv and a DVD player (which of course today doesn’t want to work — I guess what to expect when you get a $20 DVD player right?) AND I’m getting back into the organization of bills and such — I feel better already.

Etsy site (also known as The Yarn Cabinet) should have stuff in it before the first month of the 2011 year is over — or more realistically, by the end of February for sure…

I also spent some time pulling off photos on my Canon EOS and saving them to my external hard drive — finally, it’s only taken me over a year!  There are some gems in there that I totally forgot about — I took a ton of pictures when I first arrived in maryland and walked into the house, I’m sort of bummed I didn’t take them before the Pods arrived and during the unloading of the Pods and what the place looked like after all the unloading had been completed.  I just remember boxes boxes boxes everywhere…

I’m a bit all over the place today, it’s another snow day — albiet MUCH slower than what came thru on Wednesday night.  it’s nice to see the lightly falling snow (that doesn’t stick to the ground at all).  My fingers are crossed that Tuesday’s storm is something to write home about — remember i’m new to this whole snow storm thing, and so far I still love it!  I still haven’t had to drive in it of course…


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