been readin…knittin…and watching my team bring it home

and getting so caught up in my reading I’m losing all sense of time.   I’m staying up too late to read at night, I try to cram a chapter in the mornings shortly after I get up, I’m reading while I’m eating — if only I could get someone to read to my while I’m knitting my life would be just grand.

I get it…audio books…but I don’t like it, I need to have the words infront of my face…infront of my face!!

In other news, I’m still trying to get thru a few more blankets and such so that my Etsy site isn’t so bare — I am confident it will have some pictures and things available before this month is over, if I’m being crazy…maybe before Valentine’s Day!!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day — I have to admit, I’ve sapped out and I like that “I love us” commercial.  I hate that it has won me over — but I blame Outlander and the torrid girly romantic moments that are making me sigh out loud — it’s making my walnut sized heart beat a little harder, a little faster and I think it’s growing a little bigger.

Damn you feelings…

Super Bowl XLV champions…what a wonderful feeling…

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