dental work…the next dimension…

for my entire life I have been plagued with tooth problems.  Not entirely my fault, but as I’ve grown older I think most of the problems now are my fault. 

I don’t floss.  ever.

Go ahead, point — shake your head in shame — mock me even —- but I don’t, and I never have.  Until today…

I went to the dentist this morning, and he is great — don’t get me wrong, he’s still a dentist, but he’s great nonetheless.  I’m sort of like “okay okay, I know what you are talking about, I don’t need the diagrams and the visuals — I’ve spent a good chunk of my life in a dentist chair…you can talk to me like your assistants and it will mostly all make sense” but I like him so much that I geninuely smile and nod while he does the talking.  I’ve got some doozy problems, but thankfully NONE will result in another root canal (to add to 4 or 5 that I have already had) but two will result in a crown.  I have to go in for a cleaning next week — not that big a deal, just boring and sometimes aggrivating — and then follow it up with two ‘scaling appointment’ (essentially, they will be doing some deep diving into the gums to clear out any guck and tartar and plaque — it will require some anesthetic to numb my gums so they can really give a good excavating) and THEN follow that with two seperate appointments for crowns on both the right and left upper sides of my choppers.   And lastly, but not least, I will have a final appointment that will be for my mouth guard.  That’s right…I will have to go to bed most nights looking like an NFL football player because yours truly grinds the be-jebus out of her teeth at night.  Clench and grind…that’s how I roll.  The overall bill, without insurnace, comes out to a little under 5 grand.  5 THOUSAND DOLLARS for my stupid teeth.  Geesh man…I should have gone into dentistry…

Why do I feel it necessary to blog about this today?  Don’t know — but it’s the first thing that’s on my mind I guess.  

The thought for the day is…To floss or not to floss…Floss for the sake of your wallets.  Floss.

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