starting a new…

I have registered for a special crotchet class tomorrow at this wonderful place called The Yarn Spot in Silver Spring, MD.   I’m excited at the potential to learn some new great things I can do to embellish with little effort some of the already simple yet awesome baby blankets and other things that I have got on queue to knit up and such.

I’m also nervous — it’s like starting a new school.  I guess this whole move for me has been like starting a new school — I know only a small handful of people in this area and of those they are mostly the BF’s friends.  I’m used to this sort of set up tho…I moved grade schools when I was in 6th grade (not the most fun, let me tell you) and then when it came time for high school I selected (and was accepted) into a small catholic girls school that my mom and her sisters attended and I was the only one from my graduating class to go there. 

So here I go again, walking into something that I know no one — filled with the anxieties of “will they like me” or “will I make a friend” or “will I fit in”.  You know, the usual stuff.  Sad — at the ripe ol’ age of 31 I’m still not confident in my own skin to not have those lingering feelings.  I wonder…

Will I feel that way when i’m 60?!

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