what a week…

an earthquake…

a hurricane …

and two sales at The Yarn Cabinet (hurray!)…

So much excitement, so little time.  Sending thank you vibes to the power company for getting our power back, before it was dark out.  Hurricane Irene was definitely here — and she was windy and full of water.  She didn’t do as much damage as i think everyone was expecting in this neck of the woods — but because of her I woke up with no power.  No Power.

I’m not going to complain about the power being out because I know that a good amount of damage was done along the East Coast — BUT I am a bit urked that all the wind and the ‘hurricane’ stuff didn’t happen until after the midnight hour here in my neck of the woods.  I used to be a night owl, but last night I was not.  As we went upstairs to hit the hay for the evening, it was around midnight, we noticed that the wind suddenly picked up strong and fast.  I tried with all my might to stay awake to be a spectator, but couldn’t keep my eyeballs open.

thankfully, today was a lovely day today (minus not having any power) and we made the most of it.  Took a walk around the neighbor to survey any damage (very minimal, LOTS of leaves and some small size branches, but nothing in comparison to the snow storm earlier this year), grabbed some breakfast at Nick’s Diner, and then went to make a trip to Carmen’s (italian ice and custard, it’s the bomb) but was sidetracked by a walk about Brookside Gardens — enjoying the lovely breeze, the sun, the warmth and the overall lovely day.  Side note: the surprise trip to the Gardens was a result of the most wind damage I saw all day — big big tree down taking the wires with it.

I did get a LARGE amount of knitting done yesterday, enjoying the rainy weather sitting in a super comfy chair.  6 hats, in roughly 6 hours.  Awesome.

On to the Labor day weekend…and before this week is up, I’ll have some of my “Fall” themed hats available — think…pumpkin…

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