today’s thought…

No one is in charge of your happiness but you.

A while back my mom forwarded me an email — an email that contained a list of ‘ideas to live by’ that was “written by a woman on her 90th birthday”.  I put that in parenthesis because who really knows where this list truly generated from — but I like the idea that it did come from a 90 year old, so I’m sticking with it.

This particular one really sticks in my brain, along with another one that I will probably share at some point or another.  But today I was feeling particularly inclined to share this thought for my day because…it’s true…

So today I am going to choose happiness, today I am going to do the things that I know make me happy (minus listenin to some Dave because I don’t have my iTouch and my new iPhone 4S doesn’t have any Dave Matthews on it — blasphemous, I know), today I am going to try to share with my happiness with those I like (and probably even those I don’t).

Today I am in charge of my happiness…

One thought on “today’s thought…

  1. That is one of my personal beliefs too. We may not get to choose the circumstances but we get to choose how we react to them. And I believe in choosing to be happy as often as possible. Some days, it’s a bigger challenge than others, but it’s always worth the effort.


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