I’m still here…

And I’ve been knitting up a storm lately!

I’ve been getting some much needed knitting time in, some personal gifts for friends that I will be getting into the mail this week (BEFORE the newest arrivals are here!) and I’m hoping to get either (a) the inside scoop on the sex of some upcoming babies or (b) finding a yarn that is awesome and versatile for either boy or girl!

I’ve also gotten somethings put together to add to the Etsy shop!  Coming very very soon are smaller versions of my baby blankets.  These mini-versions will be perfect for the photographers as they will fit great in paint buckets, baskets and other “baby holders”.  I’m thinking they will be a great “prop” and so far as SUPER SOFT.

With the weather making the turn into cooler temps it’s making knitting much more appealing.  I’ve gotten started on some of the mini-blankets and SCARVES!  I’ll have a good number of scarves this year up there sooner than later (I hope!)

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