Laundry room gets a new wall

After completely drying the laundry room out and super cleaning the entire area that had been blanketed in mold-covered insulation, the BH and I were finally ready to build the new wall for the laundry room. Ignore the hanging overhead light -- it was the only overhead light in the room and I'm waiting until the very … Continue reading Laundry room gets a new wall

Big Ol’ Dirty Bastard Sink Leak

Success!! We have located the bastard leak...and it's a big ol' dirty bastard of a leak in the kitchen sink drain pipe. Super annoying to access, super aggravating to maneuver around the plumbing, but totally do-able. We stared at the above all week while waiting to get the new sink in the laundry room installed...the … Continue reading Big Ol’ Dirty Bastard Sink Leak

The Bastard Kitchen Sink Leak

There's a bastard leak in the kitchen sink pipe. The leak is a bastard because it's now requiring us to pull away the backing behind the plumbing in the cabinet below the sink. I have everything I can possibly cross crossed in the hopes that the leak is something we can access from the kitchen since we can't … Continue reading The Bastard Kitchen Sink Leak

Home Improvement Hermit

That's my new title...Courtney, home improvement hermit. Nothing like setting a nuptial date, and deciding to hold the ceremony and the party the following day at our home to set the home improvement list into overdrive. 7 months. We've given ourselves roughly 7 months to power thru a few of the bigger home improvement things … Continue reading Home Improvement Hermit