Laundry room gets a new wall

After completely drying the laundry room out and super cleaning the entire area that had been blanketed in mold-covered insulation, the BH and I were finally ready to build the new wall for the laundry room. Ignore the hanging overhead light -- it was the only overhead light in the room and I'm waiting until the very … Continue reading Laundry room gets a new wall

Big Ol’ Dirty Bastard Sink Leak

Success!! We have located the bastard leak...and it's a big ol' dirty bastard of a leak in the kitchen sink drain pipe. Super annoying to access, super aggravating to maneuver around the plumbing, but totally do-able. We stared at the above all week while waiting to get the new sink in the laundry room installed...the … Continue reading Big Ol’ Dirty Bastard Sink Leak

The Bastard Kitchen Sink Leak

There's a bastard leak in the kitchen sink pipe. The leak is a bastard because it's now requiring us to pull away the backing behind the plumbing in the cabinet below the sink. I have everything I can possibly cross crossed in the hopes that the leak is something we can access from the kitchen since we can't … Continue reading The Bastard Kitchen Sink Leak

Home Improvement Hermit

That's my new title...Courtney, home improvement hermit. Nothing like setting a nuptial date, and deciding to hold the ceremony and the party the following day at our home to set the home improvement list into overdrive. 7 months. We've given ourselves roughly 7 months to power thru a few of the bigger home improvement things … Continue reading Home Improvement Hermit

The Nuptial Plunge

So...this happened towards the end of the 2015 summer. Unlike the photo would lead one to believe, the proposal did not happen at a baseball game (thank the heavens because that is WAY too much stranger attention for me to handle). It all went down on our back deck right before we left for a baseball … Continue reading The Nuptial Plunge

Back in the saddle again

Well, it only took forever -- but I'm finally back into the knitting swing. After being incredibly lax in my knitting -- I started of 2016 with a knitting bang. I resigned from my office job and kicked off 2016 by taking inventory of all the yarn (SO MUCH) that I had, finished three projects that … Continue reading Back in the saddle again

I’ve moved…for the last time, ever.

Short story: Purchased a home, moved last weekend, still working on emptying boxes, internet being connected at the new house next week...until then I am digging thru boxes and doing whatever I can to just get everything put away!Promise to put together next week a more...indepth...posting on how the actual move went and some shoutouts … Continue reading I’ve moved…for the last time, ever.