knitting for fun

I enjoy knitting…which should come as no suprise.  I enjoy knitting, but I have absolutely NO faith/confidence in the items that I make for others.  In fact, I tend to stress my self out a little during the whole knitting process. 

Which is really dumb…it’s handmade, it’s not supposed to look perfect, there are supposed to be imperfections (isn’t that what makes it perfect in the end?)

While easy to say(type) it’s not as easy to always feel outward the way I feel inward.  I have to say, I’m pretty good about sticking with it tho and seeing it thru to the end.

side note – I can’t wait to be knitting on the East Coast…oh the summer can’t come fast enough.  A few fun things planned before I jump from one end of the country to the other…

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