not knitting related…at all…

It’s going to be one of those days I can tell already.  My day was decided for me at 3:15 this morning when Sammy decided that I should not be sleeping.  She was loud, and jumping all over the place…doing that crazy running she does usually after going ‘potty’…erg…

Then the batteries in my shower radio are starting to go really bad so the sound coming from the radio was more of a buzz than actual music…THEN I realized I hadn’t put the Thai food away from last night…oh crap, did Sammy eat some of that?!?  it was spicy…here’s hoping she didn’t. 

THEN on the drive to work, while traffic was light…there were some assholes on the road today.  I don’t think that driving 90 mph on a Thursday morning at 6:40am should be something that is expected to happen.  Cut off TWICE but two different people that of course gave me glares because god forbid…I was going 80 mph!!

I could continue…but I’m going to sip my coffee (which also proved it was going to be a challenge this morning also!) and try to change my personality stat.

I wish my knitting bag was here…30 minutes is all I would need…

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