gypsy life

I’m totally living like a gypsy until August 24th (or 25th).  I’m in my hometown of Anaheim until the big move across the country.  All my belongs except what could fit into two suitcases, a duffle bag and two of my “gym bags” from back in the day when I was a gym girl (for all of about 6 months).

The first week was like vacation, not really annoying…but not super fun either.  I enjoyed spending time with my family – even thou I find a lot of things SUPER annoying, but I can’t change it.  I just know I couldn’t live with the situation on more than a temporary basis.  I feel very guilty about that too…how can I not enjoy living under the same roof with my family.  They are truly the only people in the world that I know will support me no matter what.  Last night I made an impromtu visit to the boyfriend in Redondo Beach and ended up staying there.  While the drive to work was longer than it is now from Anaheim, it is only about 15 minutes more than when I lived in Long Beach.  Oh how I miss Long Beach (but NOT the parking issue).

Speaking of feeling guilty – my 9-year-old Orange Devil, aka Sammy, SamSam, SammyButt or Mom, has been staying at a Pet Hotel (I swear that is what the sign says) since June 18th.  For a whopping $9/day she is staying in a 3×3 ‘apartment’ that has a sunning window, her favorite green gooseblanket (yes, I’ve spoiled her in that sense) and is fed and watered and litter scooped twice a day.  I went to see her for teh first time on Monday, and it totally broke my heart to leave.  She was so vocal real quick once I was there and was totally doing the “DON’T LEAVE!” clawing at the gate as I was leaving.  I know she’s better off there than locked into a bedroom all day with me only being there for a few hours a day – most of that while I’m sleeping.  But I feel SO guilty.  How pissed is she going to be when they drug her, I put her on a plane with me and she’s then on the other side of the world.  Fingers crossed…my poor SamSam.  I miss her so.

In other news – knitting  is going slowly.  I just don’t find the enjoyment of doing it at the house much anymore.  I’m struggling to allow it to take over my mind…instead I sit a ball of anxiety trying to mentally work thru it.  This too shall pass…

Maybe I should find a location to sit and knit other than the home in Anaheim that I’m staying at…

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