Decided on Friday that I needed to make a quick blanket for a grandbaby in the office that is coming in on Monday (today).

However comma…the Cubs game on Saturday afternoon really threw a spoke (did I spell that right?) in my wheel.  I ended up being a little sunburned-even tho I did have a good amount of sunscreen on..Richard even put it on for me!  So I was pretty useless after the game…so tired, so drained of energy.  I was so tired…but the Cubs won (thankfully) so it was worth it.

I did get about halfway thru the blanket, I am sure tonight I can start the decreasing.  I don’t have the impromptu gift available now…but before the week is up…it will be finished!

In other news…the OC Fair starts Friday and yours truly along with her parents and a number of friends are going to check out Wild Child – a Doors Tribute band – that I have heard wonderful things about.  I’m just happy to get getting to the OC Fair two more times before I leave the state.  Next OC Fair day is August 12th to see LeeAnn Rimes…super super excited!!

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