road trip

While getting back to my knitting roots last night, on a great and lazy Sunday (well deserved after the crazy, yet fun, Saturday errands followed by a Saturday dinner in LA with some new friends) Richard did a good amount of planning of the upcoming road trip that he, his friends Seth & Carlos and my Saturn Vue will be making from California to Maryland.

I have to admit, I’m jealous…I want to see all the things they are going to see.  I want to experience the vastness of the open road and the parts of the country they will be driving thru.  I want to see the well-known monuments that we all have seen in our history books. 

thankfully, the boyfriend is a big photo taker…usually of things OTHER than people.  My plead before they head off into the distance is that the boyfriend make it a point to take photos of people…get Seth and Carlos and himself in those photos.  I will be living vicariously thru the photos and videos they all take 🙂

OH OH OH!!! Big ‘in other news’…

The Yarn Cabinet will have her very own room!  Not only will I be able to get my yarn stash looking lovely – I’ve got it set up so that my laptop will be in that room as well.  I can take photos of my completed works and get them uploaded and ready for sale.  Super excited…can barely contain myself.

I cant’ believe this weekend is the start of the whole moving process.  Holy lord…am I ready for this?  What in the WORLD did I get myself into…

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