the final two weeks

today is one of three of my remaining Friday’s at my current job (of over five years).  It’s becoming a surreal event – I have been working on shaking the feeling of “this isn’t going to happen” or “this isn’t going to pan out” and I have to say, today is a better day.  I feel optomistic today, I feel…good…dare I say it.

In other news, let’s get back to The Yarn Cabinet – where this blog was SUPPOSED to be about. 

A few days ago – maybe even a week – I mentioned my impromtu decision to make a baby blanket for a woman in the office.  I would include the link to that post, but I can’t figure out how to do that yet…give me time…anyways…

I was successful in finishing a basic diagonal baby blanket in a very earthy tone color that will be perfect for this wee baby girl.  Norma, the grandmama, has let me know that she will be bringing in the bambina during my last week.  That just means I have to keep the blanket until then, which is truly killing me.  I love making surprise gifts like this – and for a first time grandmama is even better.  I am looking forward to the smiles it will generate (hopefully) 🙂

Other than the impromptu baby blanket, my knitting has been far and few.  My bag sits patiently like always, just waiting for me to pick up the needles.  With so much going on the next few weeks, I’m not sure I will have anytime to really devote to knitting until at least August 14th – after my boyfriend leaves to head to Maryland.

And last news…before I go…I bought my one-way plane ticket…more on that at next post…

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