Good morning World…

Today is my third day of work – and I love it.   Yesterday was better than the first, and I hope the trend sticks.  It is so refreshing working for someone that is providing a needed service to the community.  I love that everything, administratve-wise, is so flexible and in the beginning stages.  It is giving me the opportunity to really dive into what I consider a great strength of mine.  Organization. 

I would love to become ISO9001 certified…I may take some time to look into that in the very near future. 

I wake up every morning and I have to pinch myself that everything that is going on is in fact real.  Did I really wake up on the East Coast in my own bed (well, my bed is in the guest room…but still)?  Am I really driving only twenty minutes to the home office that I work in?  Am I really watching as Bambi, his mom and his dad, his friend Thumper (first time today I saw a bunny in my yard), and the billion squirrels that run wild in my backyard, frontyard, the street, the schools – everywhere! – have their morning breakfast?

My daily routine is so different in Maryland than it was in California.  I wake up at 7:00ish (which is an hour and a half later than when I lived in Cal) and make coffee, putt around the kitchen a bit, watch the nature, sometimes eat breakfast before jumping into the shower.  After the shower I take my time getting dressed and doing the teeth thing.  I leave the house around 9:30 and get to the office by 9:50.  Work until 2:00pm and then head home to do some more chores, get more settled put things away, shift where things have been place.

It’s great.  And to top it off…I truly adore the man I moved here with.  He was right on so many levels about Maryland.  If the move had been to Chicago I think things would be VERY different, and not necessarily in a good way.  I think we would have been able to make it…maybe…but my commute would be very different, my ‘rented home’ would be incredibly different and my pace would be much much faster.

Good Morning world.  I made Orange iced Cinnammon Rolls this morning- taking some to work to share with the 5 year old that will also be home today 🙂

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