football sunday

Oh how thankful I am that you have returned.  And to make it even better – it’s raining today.  My first non-sunny day in Maryland.  And I am loving every moment of it.  Egg and Sausage casserole – baked.  Ice Cream cake – made last night (so was the egg casserole!).  Strawberry muffins – baking now.  Packers come on at 4.  Today is a good day (almost all good, ugh)

I’ve been able to read my book a little this morning, coffee in hand – sitting at the big window in the living room watching the rain come down in a fine, yet steady, sheet of light rain. 

Soon I will be knitting and enjoying the quiet before the Packer game, followed by the arrival of Richard’s friends to watch the Redskins attempt to kill the Cowboys (sorry Nic). 

I love football sunday.

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