I was there…

On a daily basis I usually say to myself a number of times — “I was there”

Watching TV – especially news from sporting events – that has coverage of a location or event that I was at I tend to think to myself “I’ve been there” or “I was there” and then end up losing about four or five minutes of whatever is going on around me (except if I’m driving of couse, sort of) and think back to when “I was there”.

Makes me wish I was better with words.  Or better at putting words to paper (either real or virtual).  I’ve been to a good number of places, more than I really realize.  It would be great to have a book, that goes into the stories about my time when “I was there”.

My problem…I write(type) like I talk.  All. Over. The. Place.

Good luck reining this spaztastic mind into any form of organization or sense really.  Thousands of thoughts and memories and ideas and feelings a day. 

I’m seriously waiting for the bottom to drop out, and I feel it coming on soon. 

Well that’s a no so fun thought!!

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