caramel apple…

I’ve never had a caramel apple before — until tonight.

I’ve had the apple slices with the store bought caramel tubs…and i thought they were okay.  wasn’t writing home about them – but they were enjoyable none the less.

Tonight we broke into a caramel apple we got at Butler’s Orchard last week (how it sat for a week is a whole other post) and OH.MY.GOD.

They truly are dental work removers, and I’ve got a mouth full of crowns – it’s a real royal flush in there.  I could only enjoy roughly half…every bite was tettering the line of dental suicide. 

I will possibly dream about them tonight, they were that good.  There is something so awesome about an apple that I know was planted, grown, picked and dipped all at that orchard.  The taste was so…delicious.  The caramel was so thick, and old school and just plain fantastic. 

Geesh I had a whole day of things to write about tonight, but the awesome glow of the caramel apple hasn’t worn off — and I hope it doesn’t until tomorrow when I get go and get another one. 

Does the “apple a day” theory work if you add the adjective caramel in there?  Is that even an adjective?

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