RIP – Cuisinart Grind and Brew…

Well today is going to be a day of no coffee for me.  while that is not the end of the world — it is still annoying as hell the way it all went down.

Got up this Sunday morning at around 9ish (probably closer to 10 when I got out of bed…dang, i’ve got to change that!) and started the process of getting the Texas Toast Casserole together, cut up the delicious apple from the Orchard yesterday (no – we didn’t get another caramel apple, I am totally fine with that…so are my teeth and the thousands of dollars worth of dental work), put away any clean dishes that were drip drying on the counter and got my normal Sunday morning internet set up ready.  I didnt’ start the coffee process at that time, figuring i would do it when I was putting the casserole in the oven. 

Just now I went to clean out the coffee pot – a boring, yet necessary daily chore – and to my horror…the damn thing broke.  the piece that does the grinding is connected to the portion that holds the freshly ground beans.  As of late, it’s been a bit harder to pull out of the machine.  Sticks a little.  well today – it stuck for it’s last time.  The damn thing broke.  the damn thing broke! 

No coffee for this California girl this sunday.  Thank god for my Mrs. Aaron Rodgers shirt…

Go pack

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