flips flops in fall…

Today has been a grey – sometimes a few random sunshine rays – and chilly.  On my way home the tempurature read 57 degree (F) and it was raining, a little…not enough to be considered rain I don’t think, but I had to use my wipers at least two dozen times on the drive home.

I was coming up on my normal  intersection (see photo) and to my amazement there was a woman wearing capri pants and FLIP FLOPS!  Her bare feet were totally exposed the chilly chilly air.  what in the world?!

I’m a big fan of flip flops – just ask the boyfriend, he was always teasing me that I never wore real shoes and would warn me that when we moved to the East Coast I would have to put my flip flops away for at least 5 months out of the year — but I don’t know if I could wear them out and about in the weather that I am presented with now.

that interaction made me want to start knitting socks…

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