starting a puzzle…

i’m starting a puzzle right now.  Norman Rockwell “Little Spooners”.  it’s 1,000 piece.  i’m excited.

going along with the puzzle…we are going to the Norman Rockwell Exhibit this weekend in DC after we go to the Jon Stewart rally.  I’m super excited for both of those.

also connected to the puzzles…challenges…I taught myself (with the help of You Tube of course) how to crotchet small flowers.  I also mastered knitting a baby hat (HEY! there is something that is related to what this blog was supposed to be about!) and have made a half dozen already. 

in other news –  i started a new book this week…Grand Avenues.  it’s the story of how Washington DC was planned out by Pierre Charles L’Enfant.  So far it’s awesome.

It’s starting to rain leaves, and I can think of nothing more fun than sitting in my big bay window and watching as the trees rid themselves of the leaves that have all started to change into bright yellows, red, oranges and dark deep burgandy that I adore more than i can describe.

i’m all over again…i know it…you know it…it’s why you stick with me.

One thought on “starting a puzzle…

  1. I’m SO JEALOUS THAT YOU ARE GOING TO JON STEWART’S RALLY!! There I said it. I really want to go, too, but children are really cramping my style these days. BTW, I need pics of all you FO’s. 🙂


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