old habits are hard to break…

growing up in southern california has totally spoiled me to weather — this i knew before making the move to the east coast. 

I have a habit of swinging open my car door the moment I put it in park.  (not on a side street that is narrow of course, i like having both doors on my car thank you).  I take my time getting my purse and whatever other items that I need to take with me at that moment, i’m in no hurry usually…

well, with 32 degree weather, that isn’t something that really is possible — at least at the length i am accustomed to…i went to target today to get the dreaded bathroom scale (that’s a whole other blog, that I am sure I will touch on tomorrow) and like normal, put the car in park — swung the driver’s door open — positioned my foot against the inside of the door — reached for my purse and then all of  a sudden it hit me…”SHIT, it’s cold!!” 

I came to the realization that yes…old habits are hard to break, and only a little frostbite (totally over exaggerating) needs be endured.

pps — i haven’t touched my knitting needles in the longest time — before Christmas!  I’ve been a reading fool…and I love it, but i do miss knitting.  hoping to pick up the needles again in the near future.

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