i’m back and determined…

2011 is going to be a better year for a number of reasons.  Please disregard that I hoped to be better about blogging once a day…I haven’t been obviously, but I’m going to work on that also.  There is just so much going on in my head!!!

I’ve got more than 4 knitted blankets to put onto my Etsy store — I’ve gotta get that opened sooner than later.  I’m also hoping to get some hats, booties and maybe other awesome things in there too!  My wonderful friend Ashley, who is an astonishing knitter, has offered to host a Skype Call to show me some other tricks and tips — being that I’m totally self taught.  Thanks Ashley (no pressure…or is there?!?)  I wanna get my etsy shop “The Yarn Cabinet” up and running ASAP.

I’m taking a big step in my social life and forcing myself to attend a class or two at the local yarn store — plus I’m planning on taking part in this “Knit A Long” deal so that I can make new friends.  more on that later.

I’m working on getting my weight to a more…acceptable…desirable…amount.  Been counting and tracking my calorie intake with a much more fine eye, plus working on walking around the neighborhood at least four times a day, plus making sure that I do the Zumba class at least twice a week (ignoring what a tool I feel like while I’m doing it!), PLUS just plain ol’ taking more of an interest in my frickin health!!

My love of reading has come back with a vengence.  I can’t stop reading — I will pick up anything that is bound and will start reading.  I find myself staying up WAY too late because I can’t put the book down.  Now if only I could read and knit at the same time my life would be complete.

Alright 2011 — I’m sort of ready…I think…

Let’s go PACKERS!!!

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