april fool’s day…

one of my least favorite “holidays” of the year. 

the good thing of today — the Cubs have their opening day game at Wrigley.  it looks like a chilly, slightly drizzly day for the fans in Chicago.  but people still appear to be enjoying themselves. 

in other news, I am working on getting two blankets for twins born a wee bit early done sooner than later.  My trip to get some yarn was a bit anti-climactic — odd considering i love buying yarn — but was done and i got started last night on the first one.  so far the going is good, and now i have the Cubs to play in the background which is another one of my favorite things.  hurray.

lastly — my Etsy site is filled with some great things, but the number of new things being added at least for the next two weeks will be next to zero.  Of course, if you needed/wanted something special I’m always just an email away and can get the queue moving along nicely 🙂

thanks for stopping by — be sure to check out The Yarn Cabinet’s store (link up at the top)

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