Get lost popcorn ceiling

I'm way behind the game with posting, but I've been a bit busy. Many of my posts about projects don't get posted until usually after the project is finished (or damn near close to finished). Let's jump in my time machine and head way way back to early June 2016... Walking into our house you … Continue reading Get lost popcorn ceiling

Crafty Obsessions

It's no secret I like to get crafty. Not surprisingly when I see something I like in catalogs, at stores, or even while watching something on the boob-tube, my inner voice says 'I can make that'. This Martha Stewart-esq part of me started my most recent crafty obsession. String Art. While researching HTTM finishing touches, I came … Continue reading Crafty Obsessions

Laundry room stairs and stupid bronchitis

It's been almost two months since my last update...and that's embarrassing. But I have a somewhat good reason for being MIA. Sorta. Long story...longer... When we bought our house, there were these gross red-maroon carpet things that were nailed to the treads and the risers on the stairs going to the laundry room. I disliked the carpet pieces so … Continue reading Laundry room stairs and stupid bronchitis

Hot Tub Time Machine…finishing touches

While the laundry room stairs are drying after sanding round 3, figured I would post an update on another project that is in the finishing stages...the Hot Tub Time Machine (HTTM) Again I'm kicking myself that I don't have a real good photo on my phone of the HTTM before I started tearing it apart...but to give you … Continue reading Hot Tub Time Machine…finishing touches

Laundry room ceiling…and more

We've done it! We've finished the laundry room ceiling with only a few tiny details remain i.e. overhead lighting and some other details that my creative brain is still working out. While I was enjoying some time with a couple of friends on a lovely Saturday afternoon, the BH was busy putting the grid for the new ceiling … Continue reading Laundry room ceiling…and more

The laundry room wall, part 2…

Progress continues in the laundry room with each day knocking a little more off the to-do-list. The most recent work that we finished up was that wall in the laundry room. With the frame set up, it was time to start giving the wall it's much needed dress. Yet another trip to our local Home Depot … Continue reading The laundry room wall, part 2…

Hot Tub Time Machine gets a face lift

Our second bathroom is affectionately known as the Hot Tub Time Machine, or HTTM. Partly because that movie is awesome, but mostly because said bathroom has a jet tub straight out of the 80's. My first instinct was to yank the tub when we first bought the house, but during the inspection my eyes were opened to just how … Continue reading Hot Tub Time Machine gets a face lift