been a minute

Good to see some things don’t change too much — I’m still real good at being woefully behind on updates for this forgotten blog. It’s been so neglected it feels like blogs are a thing of the past at this point. So why am I even posting at this point?

Partly because, let’s face it — I’m not cool. Never have been and probably never will be so what’s the harm in continuing to post on a media that is going the way of the dinosaur? But also partly because reviewing the most recent posts from YEARS ago had echos of coming across your teenage diary as an adult. Part cringy, part funny, sprinkled with memories and tidbits of what life was like way back in 2016. Plus the photos were fun to see.

Who’s interested in reading about how drastically different my life is today than it was at my last post? Do I pick up the baton from 2016 and try and regurgitate what happened after abolishing my nemesis (popcorn ceiling)? Do I work backward and start with today and go from there? Do I start from the middle, say in the 2017-2018 range? In this moment, I’m not sure where I’ll start – but the most important thing will be — that I’m going to start somewhere.

Buckle up any readers out there…this is probably gonna get weird.

Here’s a hint

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