nuptial plunge

When this blog was abandoned in the summer of 2016, we — the royal we — were elbow deep in making changes to the house we had bought the summer before because:

a) there was a lot of updating needed (read: wallpaper. so much wallpaper)

b) forced updates thanks to leaks and other house-age-related issues (read: the bastard kitchen sink as one example)

c) we were taking the next plunge in life and getting married and had decided to use our home as the wedding and party site for the fall 2016.

Things were moving fast and furious while we did our very best to get most of the things on our “must have” list tackled before we welcomed 150-ish people to our humble abode. Being the novice home-improvement DIY people that we are, we managed to get a hefty chunk of the work done — but not all. At some point I’ll touch on the other things we did around the house after I get this behemoth of an update finished.

We tied the knot on a Friday in our backyard on the “platform of love” (made by us, of course) with a small handful of friends and family around. It was pretty wonderful and low key. If I could change anything – it would be to have thought about music of ANY kind. But alas, can’t go back and change it — and if anyone that in attendance thought “man, these losers don’t have any music” — congratulations, you’re a jerk.

Platform and frame thing made by us. Draping and greenery added by dear dear friend at last minute because she’s an amazing human and has a wicked eye for how to make things look divine.
View from the deck. Peep the wheelbarrow used for the Barrel O’ Beer the next day 😉

It was real short and sweet. Not a lot of frill or pomp and circumstance — that’s not our bag. After the quick vows of undying and never-ending love for each other, everyone mingled for a short time and spent a little time visiting before zipping off for a dinner in our small town Downtown area.

Post nuptial chatting and mingling

Dinner was had. Speeches were made (I think). Laughs were had. Then everyone went to their respective homes to rest up for the big party the next day. The now husband and I spent a little more time crossing some T’s and dotting some I’s before going to bed for the night. But not before taking at least one random photo from the backyard looking to the front yard.

The calm before the storm…

Which is where I leave you — tomorrow’s post. The party.

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