so yet again — another issue has arisen and our landlord has managed to one-up herself in her suckyness.

Found out yesterday that she hasn’t paid the April premium for the service that covers all the appliances in the house…her washer, dryer, fridge…things like that.

So what does that mean for us?  We can’t place a service request until she is paid up — or we pay the premium.  not going to happen.

what is going to happen?  I’m holding the May rent until this whole thing is cleared.  I’ll hold June if I have to.  Man…what a slumlord, that doesn’t own a ‘slum’ or even have a house in a slum area.  I love this area, the yard and the neighborhood area great.  She just sucks.  big time.

In other news — be on the look out for another baby blanket to make it’s way into the Yarn Cabinet.  I’m calling this baby “Maureen” in honor of my mom.  It’s a lovely shade of purple, pink and green — all of which can be attributed to my mom.  Purple = She’s a February baby, Ameythst.  Pink = Mom loves pink.  Green = Scotland — she was born in Scotland.

love you mom.

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