knitting…lots and lots of knitting…

that’s what I’ve been up to.  The hats are selling like gangbusters — 17 or so have been purchased so far!  I’ve been keeping my finger going like crazy, but funny enough I’m not just sitting for hours on end knitting.  It’s more like a little bit here and a little bit there.  I’m torn between wanting to knit and wanting to read.  So far I think I’ve done a pretty good job balancing the two.  Then again — that’s just my opinion.

In other news — I will be going into the city on Tuesday for most of the day.  I am lucky enough to have been invited to attend congressional meetings for the Alzheimer’s Association during their Annual Advocacy event (see link here).  I used to attend the one day event when a large group would head to the State Capital in California (Sacramento) and meet with representatives and our congressmen and women to advocate for those that can not advocate for themselves.  Kind of makes me miss the kind of work and the organization that I was working for…maybe I should look into getting back into working in that field.  Sigh…I just don’t know!!

Anywho…more info to follow about my day trip into the city.  I’m probably going to take the Metro (first time all by myself, I feel like a kid before the first day of a new school!) into the city and just go and be myself.  I’m excited.

well i’ve been away too long, now to start the next hat!  Seven or eight are already up and available for sale!  thanks for stopping by — please take a moment to see what’s in the shop.

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