vintage shoes…

I bought a pair of vintage shoes from Etsy the other day — the shoes arrived (they are pretty stinkin awesome) and I put them on…and they hurt a little.

I’m not surprised by the hurt…more, left feeling “huh — shouldn’t these already be a little worn in?”

Shoes — funny thing shoes.  I look at almost everyone’s shoes.  Not in a judgmental way — more in an interested way.  People’s shoes really tell a good amount about the person.  I have a friend that loves shoes, in fact I dare to say she finds solace in shoes sometimes (although what girl doesn’t right?).  She can pull off almost every shoe — and I say “almost” only because there are shoes that NO ONE can pull off, no matter how hard they tried, plus I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen all her shoes.

I myself like shoes that are comfortable.  Whether or not they are cute is usually secondary at best.  if they are comfortable, I like them.  That’s not to say that I don’t sometimes girl-out and get some outta-this-world-crazy-I-can’t-believe-you-are-wearing-those shoes.

I can see how a shoe fetish can get out of control quick…

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