summer is ending…

and I’ve survived.  the humidity, while not fun — was do-able.  And while I enjoyed nothing more than a nice afternoon on the deck, beverage of my choice in hand, book in my other hand (and of course my can of Avon Skin So Soft bug spray) I am more looking forward to bundling up for the Fall.

I’m anxiously anticipating the colors of the leaves changing (and then falling) and the temp’s never (or rarely) getting about 85, the colors of the Fall clothing, the smells of all the Fall/Holiday baking — I just can’t wait for Fall.

I’ve even started my Fall knitting!  In a quick sneak peek — here’s a pic to hold you over until September 1st (which I will post up all the knitting I’ve been doing, and probably a little more)

Thanks for stopping by —

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