the long holiday weekend…

I spent a good amount of time knitting this past weekend.  Partly in thanks to the large amount of rain that decided to swing on in and ruin my plans!  Well, not so much ruined — but adjusted that is for sure.

I’m sure i’ve mentioned before, but I’m Scottish (my mom was born there) and I’m pretty stinking proud to be of Scottish descent.  Once a year I would attend the Scottish games in Costa Mesa, CA with my family or with some friends.  It was always a great time filled with bagpipes, meat pies, kilts, men in kilts, highland games (caber tossing!) whiskey, beer, bagpipes, music, kilts and more bagpipes.  I could always look forward to Memorial Day weekend when I lived in California.  I also was lucky enough to attend the games that take place in Ventura, CA — a long drive, but WELL worth it.  An overnight stay, two full days of everything Scottish.  I loved it, and I still love it.

this past weekend the games were being held in The Plains, Virginia.  It was about an hour drive away.  We made the plans, we were going to meet up with some friends there — our Saturday was going to be a great day.  Until I turned on the news to check the weather…

My local weather man was sheepishly talking about a thunderstorm that had lots of rain with it that was making it’s way to us.   My first reaction?  Well, he’s not alluding to it hitting where we are going — maybe we will be OK! So the BF and I packed the car with our water bottles, some music and a snack or two for the drive out and headed out on the Beltway, making our way to Virginia.

We made it further than we had a few weekends ago when rain foiled our plan to hit the Dukes of Hazzard Homecoming — but again, Virginia decided it did not want me there.  We were about 30 minutes out when we saw this DARK cloud looming ahead — the direction we were going.  Staying positive, we kept moving.  It started to sprinkle, then rain, then POUR and mix in a few lightning strikes.  Determined to get to our goal location, we still kept moving.  We even made it to the location, parked and then promptly sat in the car for twenty minutes while it still rained.  And it rained, and rained, and rained some more.   We finally decided that we were going to walk up to the gate — being that we saw lots of people in their cars.  As we got closer, we noticed that there were a good amount of people waiting in line for the port-a-john’s that were lined up outside the gate. Not looking good.

Come to find out (thanks to another guy there filling us in) that when the rain and lightening started — they cleared the festival out.  Had everyone wait in their cars while the storm passed.  45 minutes later, everyone was still waiting.  We made a quick phone call to the friends that were heading out and gave them the FYI — and it was unanimously decided that we were going to bag the Games.  Sad.

However!! Sunday came and the BF and I saw there was no rain on the horizon — we didn’t have any other plans.  so we hit the road again and gave it a round two effort.  Got to the games, paid our $20 each (ouch) and then spent the rest of the day there, in the sun (with no sunscreen, I didn’t even THINK about it.  Not good.) and watched all the games possible.  Overall, I wasn’t impressed and not sure I would want to return again.  I’m trying to stay positive to think that the rain really caused everything to get messed up — but it’s hard to imagine that the weather would cause that much of a problem.  I enjoyed the day with the BF — I enjoyed the games — but it was lacking so much that the California games offer.

Either way, I had a great weekend…and I got some good knitting time in.  Hurray.

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