skype and some other stuff…

This past weekend was yet another great one.  After a full week (i’m not kidding, it was a full week straight) of rain I was excited to see the sun on Saturday and Sunday.  PLUS — NFL football is back, which is always a great thing for our house.

One the Skype side, my mom has taken another step into the technological world.  She not only downloaded Skype AND created a profile for herself, but she also got herself a webcam.  This is big news.  BIG.   We got a chance to test it out this past weekend, although to be fair I have to disclaim that we were talking on the phone while using the Skype because her microphone wasn’t working so I could see her, but not hear her.  HOWEVER…this is BIG.  I’m super excited, and can’t wait for our next Skype session that I can actually hear her on.  I even had a dream about it that night — the working sound that is.

In other news — here’s some of the newest things I got done over the weekend as far as Knitting is concerned…thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon!

Newest and greatest —-

Lil Bit of Yellow and lots of Black
Halloween Colors 🙂
Inspired by the RedSkins
Shades of Grey -- Roll Up

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