custom orders…

and lot’s of them!  It’s been a busy few days for The Yarn Cabinet.  I’ve gotten three custom orders and I can’t WAIT to get started on them!

this does NOT include a few custom orders I’ve taken on for my close friends — thankfully I’ve got a little time before the clock starts ticking for those.  Phew.

The weather has been yucky the last week or so…in September we have only had ONE day that was considered “sunny”, September 13th.  I know I’ve always raved about how much I like the rain and the grey and gloom but I think I may have to retract that statement slightly.  What’s making this weather even less fun to be in…humidity.  It’s only in the 70’s, and there is no sun — but it’s humid and muggy and sticky, and I don’t like it.  Thankfully I have my knitting to turn to — so off I go to knit my wee fingers off.  I love knitting for other people!!

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