disappearing posts…

so a few days ago I had put together this great post on the power of scent.  I got my confirmation that it was posted, how many words it was — yadda yadda yadda and then low and behold I noticed the other day that the entire post was NOT THERE!!

So annoying…so annoying…I apologize if anyone felt tricked into opening that post, not my intention.  I’ll give a quick snapshot of what the post was all about in as few words as possible (I’m fighting with a headache that turned migraine, but thankfully this strong coffee that I made seems to be helping BIG TIME right now.)

While running an errand last week a stranger was wearing Shalimar.  I didn’t this stranger, I only smelled her (or him — to be fair).  My mom loves this fragrance.  When I was younger I always knew my parents were planning on going out if I came into the house and smelled Shalimar.  Side note: the nylons with the diamond accessory on the ankle was the other dead giveaway.

When my mom wasn’t around I would spend some time sitting at her makeup table in her room staring at the bottle with the blue feather shaped top.  I would gently open the bottle and smell the frosted glass cork, careful not to get any of the perfume on me so as not to give away my secret of ‘pretending’.  The scent of Shalimar also makes me remember the countless days (and sometimes nights) spent sitting on the floor of my mom’s closet going thru her boxes and boxes of high heel, my favorite being a tie between her camel colored velvet-like heels and the patten black and white super high heels.  I would do my best to make sure I put the shoes back the right way, and didn’t disturb the organized fashion they were kept in.  Not sure I was successful in not getting caught, but I never got into trouble so I’m thinking I did a good enough job.

Lots of memories are stored with scents to them.  Everyone in my family has a certain scent (good, not bad).  Almost all of my friends have particular smells to them.  Blind fold me and parade them in front of me and I’m pretty certain I could guess who is who with at least a 80% accuracy.

The smell of Shalimar during my errand brought back a small bout of homesickness.  This stranger pretty much stopped me in my tracks and left me feeling a quick stab of “I want to go home” — I would have given an appendage to have the “beam me up Scotty” type technology to wisk me back to Southern California for a few moments for a hug, and a quick sniff of the bottle of Shalimar that still sits on my mom’s bathroom counter.

Maybe I will start wearing that perfume, maybe that is the scent that I should adopt instead of my constant search of one that makes me feel like me.

truth be told, the thought of a perfume right now makes the throbbing pain behind my eyes pound a little harder at the moment.  Better keep this idea at bay until I don’t feel like ripping my head off and tossing it into the backyard.  I hate headaches – I hate migraines.   I need this brain busting, eye-ball popping pressure in my head to go away please…like now.

One thought on “disappearing posts…

  1. Hey Courtney! I did fall prey to your blog post fake out, so yeah, thanks a lot! =) I really enjoy reading your blog– I think you are a really talented writer!! Keep the posts a-comin’. Have a great trip this weekend!!!! AND October 4th is on my calendar for some knitting fun!


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