hey mom, it’s me…

it’s a new page that i’ve decided to put together.  This page (sorry, it will be password protected) will be strictly for my mom to view.  After getting to chat with her briefly on the phone this past weekend (update on that next, promise) a great idea passed thru my head.

I’ll make a page for just my mom that will act as our daily phone calls!  I can let me fingers go crazy while I type away.

The time difference has really been a big obstacle for me to be able to chit chat with my West Coast friends and family.  Ok…big may be stretching the truth a little, but the time difference really does throw me off something fierce.   Before I moved I talked to my mom a few times a day on the phone, usually while we both were at work.  But since being on this end of the world the calls are definitely fewer and far between.  I’m hoping this may bridge that gap a little.

Mom, if you are reading this — I’ll email you the password and you can even ‘comment’ on the posts which can act as your response!

Thanks for stopping by.  Update on this past weekend soon — a teaser…my very first corn maze.

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