wonderful weather…

it’s been delightful the last few days.  The mornings have been a bit chilly, but nothing to serious.

yesterday was one of the most lovely days I can remember in a few weeks.  In September we had only 2 ‘partly-sunny’ days in our neck of the woods.  The rest was grey, cloudy and usually rainy.

The weather forecast thru the weekend is sunny, not a cloud in the sky and absolutely wonderful temp’s in the 70’s — maybe even reaching 80 on Sunday!  Could it be true?!  I only wish I was able to watch my football games outside on Sunday…

Update on the my first corn maze sooner than later — I’ve got a few photos that I want to include.

Thanks for stopping by!

One thought on “wonderful weather…

  1. We had a taste of…more comfortable weather (I just can’t make myself call 80 degrees “Autumn weather,” even if it is, relatively speaking) over this past weekend. It was delightful. And now we’re back to the upper 80s. Another two or three weeks to live through, I guess.


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