rain and a NASA theme corn maze…

Things have been going gangbusters.  I’ve been busy knitting away finishing up on a custom order and as a result, the blog has been a bit neglected.

As promised — let’s go back two weekends…it was a rainy week that was proving to be a rainy weekend.  The BF and I had a groupon to head to Belvedere Plantation in Virginia to check out this multi-acre farm that had a big corn maze, pumpkin chunkin, pig races, jumping pillow and some other fun and exciting things.  We started our trek to the Virginia area like most of our trips…driving in the rain.  And not just a little rain — a considerable amount of rain.  We put our faith in the weather man’s notice that it WASN’T raining where we were heading — and thankfully it worked out great.  The weather was cool and crisp, not a cloud in the sky and overall just lovely.  I was still reeling from my killer migraine, but was managing not too badly.  Made sure I had some coffee and ate a good breakfast before we got on the road.

Corn Maze 2011 -- The Start

The corn maze…well…it was just that, a corn maze.  And sadly, we were NOT prepared for this corn maze.  We of course jumped at the opportunity to try the “hardest” level (how hard could it be?) and quickly realized that we may have bitten off more than we could chew.

During the Mazing...

After 45 minutes and a number of “We’ve been down here before” intermingled with some choice curse words…it was decided that it was quickly becoming not fun, and we really needed to eat lunch before trying to embark on the “west wing” of the maze.  That’s right people…we left the way we went in…we exited via the entrance.  We waved the white flag (truth be told, our flag was yellow and I didn’t wave it even a little bit) and headed to get some food.  After a sub-par burger, chili fries and hot dogs — we made the decision to head back to Maryland to enjoy the rest of the Saturday from the comfort of our couch.  Have we given up on the corn maze??  Absoltely not!  Our tickets are a season pass that we can use thru November 5th.  So guess where we are taking My Joe when he comes in November?  Yup…Belvedere Plantation.  This time — the BF is going to video tape My Joe and I as we try to work together to figure out the NASA theme corn maze.  It should be some funny-ass video with some funny cursing and lots of laughing.  I can’t wait.

this past weekend we braved the Renaissance Festival, and that will require a whole other blog post.  And sadly…we have no photos from our trip to the RenFest.

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